Hafner-Pneumatik is the manufacturer of a complete range of high-quality pneumatic control valves made in Europe.

Hafner-Pneumatik products are not only used in the general automation or the machine-building industries, but also in applications throughout the car, truck and process industries. Hafner-Pneumatik customers enjoy the use of Hafner-Pneumatik valves because of their outstanding reliability offered at an extraordinary price/value ratio.

Hafner-Pneumatik product line consists of solenoid valves, air pilot, manually and mechanically actuated valves, completed by pneumatic control systems. Hafner-Pneumatik wide range of standard products covering sizes from M 5 to G 3/4″ is designed as a modular system, giving Hafner-Pneumatik the ability to develop and manufacture customer specific solutions in smaller numbers.

As a highly flexible company, Hafner-Pneumatik rapidly assimilate technical innovations which allows Hafner-Pneumatik to react quickly to the demands of an ever changing market.

Hafner-Pneumatik stands for over 30 years of knowledge and venture in the development of pneumatics. Manufacturing excellence, flexibility and customer responsiveness are the dominating elements of our corporate strategy.

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