Optima Steamer™ EST 18K Steam Cleaner

Product Code: OPTIMA-EST(18k)

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The original, all-electric Optima Steamer™ EST features a durable body design, energy-efficient steam vessel, wet or dry steam selection, smart operating system and easy maintenance.

And because the EST produces zero emissions and virtually no waste water, it is ideal for indoor cleaning and sanitizing applications such as:
- Commercial facilities cleaning
- Animal holding facility sanitization
- Painting or coating pre-treatment
- Hospital fixtures and mobility aid sanitization

Category Stationary Dry Steam (all-electric, 3-phase)
Boiler/Heater Material 304 Stainless Steel Boiler, 304 Stainless Steel Immersion Electric Heaters
Electrical Power (watts) 18,040W (18,200W max)
Required Voltage 380V~600V 3-phase†, 380V minimum
Required Amperage 20~60 amps, varies based on voltage configuration
Heater Count 2 x 9kW
Steam Capacity 24 kg/hr
Max. Flow Rate 1120 cc/min
BTUs per hour (equivalent) 61,555 max
Operating Pressure 9.5 bar max / 8.5-7 bar continuous
Boiler Vessel Capacity 17.82 L
Boiler Temperature 174°C
Preheating Time 8~10 minutes
Water Tank Capacity 40 L
Steam Hose Connections 2
Steam Hoses/Guns Included 2
Direct Water Connection Yes
Empty Product Weight 74 kg
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 109 x 70 x 90 cm
Freight Dimensions 76 x 111 x 103 cm
Body Materials Panels/Tanks: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Frame: 400 Stainless Steel, enamel coated
Color Options Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

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